Informacje o pandemii
The duties of Mayor of Bielawa include in particular:

  • executing the resolutions of Town Council,
  • preparation of Town Council resolution drafts,
  • defining the method of the implementation of resolutions,
  • management of municipal property,
  • implementation of the budget,
  • engaging and dismissing managers of municipal organizational units

       The mayor manages the current affairs of the town and is authorized to represent the town in public. The mayor is the head the Town Office and executes the power of a superior official and the manager of municipal organizational bodies.


Piotr Łyżwa

Mr Piotr Łyżwa is the mayor of Bielawa from 8 December 2014. He is 54 yearsold, married and has three children. He graduated in physics at the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry on University of Wroclaw. In addition, he also completed postgraduate studies in "LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND LOCAL ECONOMY" at the Department of Law, Administration and Economy on University of Wroclaw, as well as postgraduate studies  "ORGANISATION AND MANAGEMENT in Education "at the State Higher School of Vocational Education in Walbrzych. Since 1992 until the election for Mayor of Bielawa he was a physics teacher at the Secondary School in Dzierżoniów. Shortly after graduation he worked at the Secondary School of Medicine, as well as an IT specialist in the "POLMATEX - Defka '' in Dzierżoniów.

In the past (during the martial law) he was actively involved in the "Solidarity" movement and was a member of Independent Students Association. In 1989-1991 he was the chairman of the Bielawski "Solidarity" Civic Committee of Dzierżoniów Land,then he was the chairman of the "Solidarity" Civic Committee of Dzierżoniów Land. He was elected three times for a member of the Bielawa Town Council and served there various functions, including the chairman of the board and the deputy chairman. From 2006 until 2014 he was the member of the Council of Dzierżoniów District. At the same time in 2006-2007 he was chairman of the Committee of Budget and Finance of Dzierżoniów District Council, in 2007-2010, the member of the Board of Dzierżoniów District. He is not a member of any political party.

phone: +48 74 8328 715

Mayor meets clients (complaints and proposals) in the building at pl. Wolności 1, on Tuesdays from 1.00 p.m. till 3.30 p.m.


Witold Marek Runowicz

According to the Decree of the Mayor of Bielawa of 8 December 2014, Witold Marek Runowicz was appointed a deputy mayor. He is 56 years old, married and has two adult sons.

His professional career in local government began in 1991 in the Town Office of Bielawa where he worked as the head of the Department of Economic Development. Then, over the next few years he was the head of the Town Functioning Department and worked in the Bielawa Office of Audit. Until 7 December 2014 he was deputy director of the Department of Communications and Transport at the Dzierżoniów District Office.

Witold Marek Runowicz as deputy mayor is responsible for all issues related to the development of the town.

phone: +48 74 8328 715

The Deputy Mayor meets the  clients of the Municipal Office on Thursdays from 1 p.m. and 3.45 p.m.