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The Lake Bielawskie - a picturesque located water reservoir with sandy and guarded beach, island, pier, sports fields and outdoor gym. This is the place where you can rent a canoe, pedal boat or a boat and sail enjoying the view of the oldest mountains in Europe - the Sowie Mountains. Welcome to Bielawa situated 50 km away from the City of Wroclaw.

The biggest attraction of the lake Bielawskie there is is a sandy beach guarded in summer by the lifeguards of Sports and Recreation Centre. This is the swimming place ideal for children, youth and the elders.

Next to the Lake Bielawskie there is a marina. You can rent a canoe o pedal boat to sail on the lake. During the summer time water equipment rental is open daily from 11.00 to 19.00. The price for canoe or water bike rental is 10 zł / hour and 6 zł / half an hour. In addition to rental place on the Lake Bielawskie area the Sailing Club "Wielka Sowa” runs its activity.

When you're visiting the Lake Bielawskie you can go for a walk along the pier leading to the island. It is worth noticing that this type of pier being located in the close vicinity of the Sowie Mountains Landscape Park is a rare attraction. On the island you can relax on lying the grass, or in the tourist cottages, or sitting on the platforms. Here you can barbecue on specially prepared furnaces.

Next to the Lake Bielawskie there is a fountain and an outdoor swimming pool with a water playground and a slide. The place was completely modernized in 2016. The swimming pool was opened in August 2016.

Welcome to the lake Bielawskie at Wysoka Street!

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