Informacje o pandemii

Sowie Moutntains - the oldest mountains in Europe, cover an area of about 200 m2, stretch for 26 km (35 km starting from the dorsal line) are located between the Mountains: Wałbrzyskie and Pogórze Wałbrzyskie from the west, and Bardzkie from the east. In the east the border is the Przełęcz Srebrna, and in the west valley of the river Bystrica. From the north they are limited by Kotlina Dzierżoniowska and in the south Nowa Ruda Depression and Włodzickie Hills. These are very diverse mountains in terms of height, the highest peaks is the Wielka Sowa (1015 m above sea level) and Kalenica (964 m).

They are composed mainly of Precambrian gneiss. On the slopes of Kalenica is located stunted beech forest - nature reserve, which is called " Bukowa Kalenica". It covers the forest and forest land with a total area of 28.78 hectares, and was created to protect a number of rare plant species and natural forest communities. Visitors can also see daphne mezereum, martagon and oppress the green. Protected part includes common wild ginger and Woodruff locations. In turn, the rich undergrowth includes the following plants: spring snowflake, Woodruff, digitalis purpurea, garlic, prenanthes purpurea and many species of mosses and ferns.

Start: Bielawa, Forest Manor House, loop at Nowobielawska street
Parking: loop, Nowobielawska street
Duration: about 1 hour to Trzy Buki, about 2 hours from Trzy Buki to Kalenica, the return of about 3 hours
Length: approximately 6 km
Attractions: observation tower on Kalenica, barbecue areas, information boards