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Section I: dirt road from the road in the direction of Pieszyce to Ceglana street

Section II: Wodna, breakthrough at Łysa Góra to Jana Pawła II

Section III: dirt road from Wodna in the direction of Owiesno

Section IV: under the mountains from the Forest School, to Nowobielawska and further to the connection with Ludwika Waryńskiego

Listed sections are informal bike paths, however, because on the landscape and the increased difficulty of the journey are very often used, either for family cycling, or by advanced mountain bikers. Passing near the border with the Sowie Mountains Landscape Park (section IV) allows for contact with nature, in turn, along Wodna street you can reach the summit of Łysa Góra and, away from the traffic, to Owiesno. A dirt path on the section I is attractive due to its route and the fact that it leads to the open-air swimming pool in Pieszyce and through Ceglana street to Sport and Recreation Centre in Dzierzoniow.
While riding be careful of sand and roots in sections of forest, bumps on gravel trails, grooves after the wheels of agricultural equipment, streams..