Informacje o pandemii


Section I: from the intersection of Bohaterów Getta and Wolności through the intersection with 1 Maja until connection with Wojska Polskiego.

Section II: ul. Wojska Polskiego roundabout Gen. Władysława Sikorskiego and Jana Pawła II to the town limits towards Owiesno.

Section III: Wodna on the section from Bieltex roundabout to the fork of Wodna street around the building No. 10.

Section IV: from the intersection of Stefana Żeromskiego with Henryka Sienkiewicza, through Adama Asnyka to gravel road at Sudety Holiday Centre , along gravel road to Sudety Holiday Centre, Wysoka to the intersection with Janusza Korczaka and to connection with an existing stretch of cycling route along Wysoka.

Section V: Sportowa Street to town limits

The above-mentioned sections of bicycle paths should be considered when planning work associated with the reconstruction or construction of roads in that area of town.