Informacje o pandemii

Section I:  Dzierżoniowska, Jana Pawła II, Gen. Władysława Sikorskiego to the intersection with ul. Stefana Żeromskiego.

Section II: Dzierżoniowska, Jana Pawła II, Ks. Romana Biskupa, Wojska Polskiego to the intersection with Wolności, along with the connector at Parkowa and on the opposite side to the intersection with Gen. Władysława Sikorskiego.

Section III:  Dzierżoniowska, Jana Pawła II, Gen. Władysława Sikorskiego, Gen. Zygmunta Berlinga to the intersection with Gen. Stefana Grota Roweckiego.

Section IV:  along newly built roads inside the ring road

Section V: Wysoka from the intersection of Wysoka, Kasztanowa and Przodowników Pracy to the intersection with Janusza Korczaka.

These cycling road sections are located along main roads and are separated from the traffic. Predominantly, they are long walking and cycling routes. In some places there are local constrictions and obstructions. The surface is mostly of cobblestones.

The course of cycle paths allows access to many tourist attractions, including the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church with a lookout tower, CIT, Town Park with a skate park, Łysa Góra, Mount Parkowa, Aquarius public swimming pool, sports complexes (at Primary School No. 10 with Sports Units at Middle School No. 1, and Middle School No. 2)