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Annually in Bielawa there is a number of sporting events organized on municipal, provincial, regional, national and international levels. In Bielawa a skateboarding madness called "Lines of Bielawa was born." Since 2016 the survival run called Gladiator, the 10 km - distance run - “Bielawska Dziesiątka” or the Half Marathon Bielawa take place. The Town of Bielawa in cooperation with the Sport and Recreation Center is also the organizer of Sowiogórski Bicycle Marathon, the Bike Marathon and the Polish Masters Swimming Championships.

Bielawa is a town that promotes sports. Here there are many clubs and associations which magnetically pull in fans of football, basketball, volleyball, cycling or skiing. Sports clubs and all sorts of sections also associate athletes, wrestlers, sailors, para-gliders, cyclists and fans of American football.

For skateboarding fans a skatepark was built in our town in 2007. Now it is one of the best skateparks in Poland. It hasis a special track designed for extreme sports, such as, skateboarding, BMX and scooter Competitive skating. This is the place where a nationwide skateboarding festival Lines of Bielawa is held.

Having at its disposal the Swimming pool "Aquarius", a skate park, the Lake Bielawskie with extensive hotel and catering base, Sudecka beach, a family swimming pool or water sports equipment rental, and a complex of sports fields and an outdoor gym, Sport and Recreation Centre has much to offer to athletes from Bielawa and the surrounding area.

Since 2016 in Bielawa also operates Bielawska Academy of Running, as well as, jogging and Nordic Walking trainings. They are organized under the supervision of qualified instructors they are very popular. During the courses participants undergo periodic tests to monitor their progresses and compete together in sports activities.

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