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On the area of over 600 m2 operates the Municipal Public Library, which serves as not only the library and reading room, but also participates in spreading art and culture. It is a regional asylum for the fans of the sung poetry ("Pozytywka" Club.)

Public Library in Bielawa was one of the first institutions that began its operations after the Second World War. With the emergence of the first schools it was practically the most important factor shaping the development of universal education. In Bielawa the lack of Polish books was felt not only by children and youth, but also lovers of fiction and settlers who arrived here from different parts of Poland.

In this situation, in June 1947 at the meeting of the Presidium of the Town Council in Bielawa 437,000 zlotys was given to purchase books. About 4 thousand books were purchased from „Czytelnik” Bookseller Cooperative in Cracow.

Municipal Public Library
ul. Piastowska 19c, 58-260 Bielawa

Director - Urszula Ubych
phone: +48 74 645 09 66
mobile phone: +48 515 775 607