Informacje o pandemii
Investor Assistance Centre operates in the Municipal Office within the Promotion Department. It is the first contact point for entrepreneurs that run their activities in Bielawa, as well as, outside companies interested to invest in our town.

IAC has a current investment offer necessary to provide assistance in decision-making by potential investors. The mission of the IAC is not only working with new investorsbut also to maintain positive relationships and assistance for existing businesses in Bielawa.
Investor Assistance Centre obligation is to do its best for investors to receive all the necessary knowledge, without wasting time looking for information in different places.

In order to collect current data on the terms of the legal and technical equipment as well as in the media area or facilities designated for economic activity, Investor Assistance Centre cooperates among the others with Property Management Dep., Spatial Planning Dep., Strategy, Investment and Procurement Dep. and Technical Infrastructure Dep. In addition, the IAC maintains close cooperation with institutions such as: Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone "Invest-Park", Polish Agency for Information and Foreign Investments, Ministry of Economy, Bielawska Local Development Agency, the Regional Development Agency “Agroreg” Co.

Contact details:
Bielawa Town Hall Promotion Department, room No 16 (first floor)
ul. Piastowska 1, 58-260 Bielawa
phone: +48 74 8328 735, 728