Informacje o pandemii
Bielawski Industrial Park was established on an area of nearly 24 ha in the immediate vicinity of the Avenue of John Paul II (local ringroad). BIP area is fully equipped – it has a comprehensive network of roads, power, water, sewage and gas connections.

BIP meets the expectations of small, medium and large -sized companies . The area consists of the following plots: Area I - 1335.1330 / 5.1330 / 12-15 , Area II - 1320/4 , 1320/6 .

Below there are some details on Bielawski Industrial Park prepared according to the standards of Polish Agency for Information and Foreign Investment. Some information about discounts and tax exemptions in taxes for investors has also been enclosed.

Bielawski Industrial Park – The area No. I1335.1330 / 5.1330 / 12-15

Bielawski Industrial Park - the area No. II1320/4, 1320/6


Program of Incentives and Tax Exemptions - "De Minimis "
Regional Investment Support