Informacje o pandemii
The aim of the company is to create a favorable economic environment and the construction of technical infrastructure necessary for the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as, pulling in new investors with a special conditions in:

- Creating new jobs - Supporting of existing risk-jobs,
- Grants for financing of economic and investment programs
- Entrepreneurs advise supporting on trade or investment decisions
- Creating favorable conditions for new investments,
- Strengthen the economic capacity of Municipality of Bielawa
- Creating good conditions for SMEs to get access to cheap sources for investment financing and development, credits, loans and guarantees
- Consulting and training for start-ups
- Supporting local and regional initiatives.

The company also administers two incubators - Bielawski Business Incubator and the Lower Silesian Incubator of Art-Enterprise. In addition, it manages the Forest School, Interactive Centre for Energy Protection and the Tourist Information Centre.

Bielawska Agencja Rozwoju Lokalnego sp. z o.o./ Bielawa Local Development Agency
ul. Wolności 57, 58-260 Bielawa
phone:/fax: +48 74-645-64-01