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Educational institution of ecological character created in Bielawa thanks to the cooperation of the town with the German Foundation for the Environment (OBU) and the European Union. Uniqueness of this project lies in the successful combination of history, with a look to the future.

Historic the location Interactive Energy Conservation Center, it is because it is located in the area of the early twentieth century pump stations. This station was built in 1909 by decades it supplied water to nearby textile factories. However, due to the collapse of the textile industry in our region in the late twentieth century, it lost its original function. 

Useless, forgotten building began to fall into disrepair. However, thanks to the initiative of town the building has gained a second life. Next to the museum with preserved old pumping station a modern educational institution whose purpose is environmental education in different age groups was created.

Participants of the classes find out about opportunities of generating energy, in particular of renewable sources, as well as methods of it conservation. Thanks to the extensive range of teaching aids of the facility, participants can actively track the processes of energy generation in the past and today.

Interactive Energy Conservation Center is managed by Local Development Agency of Bielawa, which provides object for exploring and organizes activities to promote ecology for children and youth. .

Coordinator of the Centre for Energy Conservation
Tomasz Kuleta

58-260 Bielawa, ul Ostatnia 3
Tel: 74 645 64 09

open from Monday to Friday
w godz. 8-14