Informacje o pandemii

Bielawa for many years focuses on respect for the environment and environmental education. Shaping among the residents a sense of responsibility for nature and pursuing appropriate investments, Bielawa wants to be a model environmental town. One of the courses of action is implemented at all levels of urban education - environmental education.

In 1999, Public Kindergarten No. 1 was transformed into Eco kindergarten. Hills, valleys, sand and gravel river and other attractive places for toddlers were created there. Moreover, to the preschool curriculum topics related to ecology were introduced.

The next step in the development of ecology was the creation of the first in Poland, but also the first at Central and Eastern Europe "Solar Schools". Currently facility operates at the Center for Renewable Energy Sources.

At a time when ecological education at kindergarten level and beyond secondary school already functioned, it was natural to introduce this idea to the elementary school and junior high school. Since September 2006, the Primary School No. 7 and No. 3 Middle School were transformed into ecological facilities.

The efforts of city authorities and the involvement of citizens in environmental activities have been appreciated by the Senate of Wroclaw University of Technology, which in December 2007 adopted a resolution to establish non-resident Bielawa Educational Centre, providing education at the level of academic experts in the field of renewable energy.

Diverse environmental education in Bielawa is supported by relevant to this field investments, which include: an amphitheater and Plac Elficki in “Sudety” resort, Forest School, Interactive Centre for Energy Conservation and Environmental Educational Gardens for Natura 2000 at Town Park. Now there is the construction of the Technology Incubator, which is implemented by district of Dzierżoniów in cooperation with the DBU Foundation and town of Bielawa.

Thinking about the present residents, but also for future generations, Bielawa also conducts environmental activities in terms of economic development. Town authorities are aware that the landscape and concern for nature are important not only for us but also for new entrepreneurs who want to do business in beautiful surroundings.